How to vastly improve the battery life of your non-cellular android tablet

Last Christmas, a family member purchased for me one of those cheap unbranded Chinese-manufactured Android tablets that have ridiculously good specification for the money (Android 4.0.2, 1GHz ARM, 512mb ram, 1024×768 screen), however the problem with these tablets is that you seemingly charge the tablet all night, only to turn it on the next day for half an hour of uncomfortable play.

Fortunately, I discovered a fix for this. If you have a tablet that doesn’t use the phone packages for anything, this data can be deleted.  For this you will need to head over to the Market app and download es file explorer. Don’t worry this app is free. Then you will need to head into the ES File Explorer application and turn on root folder access in the settings.

Once you have done this the next steps are easy. There are 2 files that you will need to delete the first one is stored at


And the second file is stored at


And that’s it. Reboot your tablet and feel the benefits. It actually extended the battery life of my £50 Chinese tablet from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, making the device usable and also useful. I find an Android tablet a great device to have if you have a Raspberry Pi running headless, as if you need to reload a service or run a script, you can use connectbot to quickly log in with your credentials from the comfort of your bed/sofa and use your pi just as you would from any Windows or Linux pc. I also plan to look into android application development once I am happy with my java knowledge, and it will be nice to be able to test the compiled packages on an Android tablet.

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