Installing chocolate-doom on Raspberry Pi (And many other Linux/Debian based OSes)

Today is Sunday so I thought it would be worth posting something a touch more fun today. When I first got my Raspberry Pi last September, I decided to compile Quake 3 for it, which is very easy and there will be a tutorial for that at a later date. Whilst installing it, I had to wonder “if its powerful enough for Quake 3, an open source 3D first person shooter with some cool lighting effects for its age, what about Doom, the first good FPS?”

It took me a while to find out what the best way of running doom on the pi was as I was new to it at the time, however it did take quite a bit of Google searching to stumble across chocolate-doom.

The best of it is that this is the easiest and smoothest doom experience for the pi, as it isn’t an enhanced doom engine in any way and plays exactly like the original.

To install, simply head over into the terminal (or terminal window) and type the following command:

“sudo apt-get install chocolate-doom”

Do this without the quotation marks. This will install chocolate-doom from the default repository list, provided that you are connected to the internet. It will also download the shareware doom.wad, however you can specify your own .wad files using an argument in the terminal. To run the game though, simply type in:


Into the terminal. My friend installed this on backtrack Linux with those instructions, so I guess it is included in the Debian repository. Please enjoy your Sunday playing Doom! Next Sunday, I might explain how to compile and run Quake on the Pi and this tutorial could apply to other arm devices such as the Pandora. 


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