My Nightmare – Windows 8.1

I recently suffered an experience which was nothing short of a nightmare, although not a nautical nightmare as this didn’t take place at sea. I brought my laptop in 2011 from PC World (who by the way, have gone far too mainstream for my liking). I was happily running Windows 7, until I realized that I was seemingly two operating systems behind the rest of the population (which I later realized was not so).

Unfortunately, my dad had an old Windows 8 upgrade key.  I emphasize the point that this was a Windows 8 upgrade key and not a Windows 8.1 Upgrade key. I headed over to the Windows website and downloaded the Microsoft Upgrade for use with Windows 7. I hit in my licence key and it said that it was a valid key implying that it would work.

After about 6 hours and 250,000,000 updates, I finally had Windows 8 running. Where is the god damn start button? Also the big problem was that it refused to re-activate using the licence that was activated years ago. I learnt a tip from Microsoft Customer support. Running “slui.exe 4″ enables you to re-activate a copy of Windows 7 and later over the phone through a pre-recorded message system.

Quickly frustrated, I headed over to the Windows Store. Two minutes later its crashed. The Windows Store continued to crash repetitively. This forced me to create a button in python to reset it without typing out a command 2000 times. Here it is:Reset Button


import easygui as eg
import os

def button():
msg = “Reset Windows Store”
title = “Store Reset button”
choices = ["Reset"]
if reply == “Reset”:



After doing this a few  times, I was about ready for drowning my laptop in the fish tank. Eventually after clearing the cache and installing 250,000 more updates, the store stated that I could now update to Windows 8.1. I did this. More updates. More crashes.

DON’T BOTHER. Its practically the same OS as Windows 8. I found practically every OS more usable than 8 and 8.1. I put up with it for a couple of days.

In a mad dash, I was able to re-install Windows 7 with all of my crucial programs within an hour using the programs I keep on my raspberry pi samba share.

I cannot recommend Windows 8.1 to a true power user, as it is ugly, counter-intuitive and the metro interface just makes me want to vomit.  However if you do choose to install it, I wish you the best of luck with your life.

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